Forestry Program


Contract work for the commercial timber industry, as well as turn-key private landowner services.

Environmental wetlands, reclamation projects, pre-commercial thinning, contract nursery crews, boundary line maintenance, consulting services, specialized farm labor tasks.

Tree Planting in the Southern U.S

From December to April, our primary focus is on Southern Tree Planting (STP), which consists of pine regeneration in southern forests from Texas to the East Coast, Florida to Delaware. Species planted include Loblolly, Longleaf, Shortleaf, Slash and Virginia Pine . We also plant various hardwood species in habitats where they are better adapted.

A dibble is one tool used to plant pine seedlings
Dibble Planting

Forestry Services in the Lake States

By mid-April we are planting trees in the Lake States regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. By the middle of June, our workers will have planted over 19 Million trees in the Lake States region. We can follow up the treeplanting with bud capping and repellant to protect the seedlings from deer and other animals.

Tree Planting Professionals

Each season our workers hand plant over 100 Million 12” to 16” seedlings with a planting tool (hoedad, dibble bar or planting shovel). The 7-Step Method, developed by Superior’s veteran planters, allows a worker to plant trees almost as fast as he can walk.

Planting Loblly pines in Georgia clay
Planting Georgia Clay

Other Forestry Services Include

In addition to tree planting we can help you with wetland mitigation and  reclamation projects, pre-commercial thinning, nursery work, boundary line maintenance, consulting services as well as other specialized labor needs.

Call Superior Forestry Service for your wetland mitigation needs
Wetland Mitigation

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